Grow more like Jesus individually and together, inviting others to experience God’s love and live Jesus’ way.


To be an oasis – people whose source of life and love is drawn from Jesus - together actively living out and reflecting God's love and grace in our whole community.


Christ Centred

Jesus is pivotal in the Christian story. He’s our rescuer, our hero and our inspiration. We look to God's word the bible to see God in human form and aim to understand it accurately (with His help) so we can live this out in our own lives.

Relationship Orientated

The Christian God is a God of relationships!. One of the meta-narratives of the bible is about a creator who wants to do life with his creation. We likewise are made to do life with one another so we look to value and grow our relationships with one another.

Community Focused

If Jesus death and resurrection is full of good news, we want to share it with others so they can know true and abundant life too. Therefore, while internal community is important so is caring for the broader community beyond our formal Sunday morning worship spaces. 


Jesus was very good at finding ways to connect with people in relevant ways that helped them see what He was on about. If we truly believe the Bible is meaningful and life-changing, then we want to do the same by sharing this good news with others in ways which makes sense to them.